Our own products

Die Spital Apotheke Nürnberg stellt auch eigene Produkte herOur homemade products are popular with families from Nuremberg and visitors to our town.
A selection of our homemade products:


'Eckart’s Universal Honigwachs-Salbe'

Our honey ointment protects and cares for cracked skin, prevents frost damage and chapped lips. Also suitable for babies.

'Schneckensaft und schwarzer Johannisbeersaft'

A combination of juices that helps to soothe dry coughs and bronchitis. Made in house for decades and popular with many families in Nuremberg.


A popular syrup with mucolytic properties.

'Moosburger Heilsalbe'

This healing ointment is for treating pulled muscles, bruises, sprains and painful joints and warming up muscles before exercise; with essential oils such as mace, juniper, eucalyptus and rosemary.


A hair treatment suitable for dandruff and itchy scalp.

'Gregor Magenelixier'

This stomach tonic (43% vol. alcohol) is distilled from 16 herbs and often used as a digestif.