Travel medication checklist

We have created a checklist of some medical items that you may need during your trip.
All examples are German medications which you can get at our pharmacy.

Medication for treating slight pain:

  • Insect repellent (e.g. Autan ®)
  • Sun cream (e.g. Anthelios ®), aftersun (e.g. Posthelios ®)
  • Cream or gel to treat insect stings or sunburn (e.g. Fenistil ®, Brand- und Wundgel ®)
  • Sun protection from within (e.g. Vivit Carotin®, Calcium Sandoz ®)
  • Painkillers / antipyretics (e.g. Aspirin ® Direkt, Aktren spezial®)
  • Medicines for colds (e.g. ACC ® akut, Otriven ®, Lemocin ®, Meditonsin ®)
  • Medicines for diarrhoea (e.g. Imodium ® akut, Kohle-Compretten ®, Elotrans ®, Santalyt ®)
  • Ointment for sports injuries (e.g. Mobilat ®)
  • Medicines for travel sickness (e.g. Superpep ®)
  • Ointment for burns and wounds (e.g. Bepanthen ®, Brand- und Wundgel ®)
  • Constipation medicines (e.g. Dulcolax ®)
  • Medicine for athlete’s foot (e.g. Canesten ®)
  • Knee-length flight socks
  • Heartburn medicine (e.g. Talcid ®)

Bandages for smaller injuries:

  • Gauze / elastic bandages
  • Adhesive plasters without pad (e.g. Leukoplast ®)
  • Products for disinfecting wounds (e.g. Hansamed ® Spray)
  • Plasters in various sizes
  • Scissors


  • Surface disinfectants (e.g. Sagrotan ®)
  • Plasters for blisters (e.g. Compeed ®)
  • Tweezers


  • Emergency contact addresses with telephone numbers and country codes (e.g. GP, poison centres, phone no. for paramedics in holiday destination)
  • Travel medication should be protected from heat, damp and kept away from children.
  • Medicines that you take daily belong in your hand luggage.Remember that a holiday can go on longer than planned and your required medication may not be available at your holiday destination.
  • Make sure your injections are up to date! The Spital Pharmacy team will be happy to advise you.